The headache caused from missing school for a headache

Hailey Schlotthauer, Staff Writer

It’s lunch and you only have one more free period left before your big test. You have spent all lunch studying when your mom texts you reminding you about your doctor appointment you have in fifteen minutes. Then, in an instant, you’re in a panic.

“Well can’t you schedule my doctor appointment after 3:30?”

Because yes, we all have prioritized algebra over our own health.

Missing school can cause  a paralyzing fear. The problem is missing one day can affect you for the rest of the week. You have to book free periods to meet with teachers to go over what you missed, giving you no time to study, let alone catch your breath.

So when is missing school worth it?

I recently took a trip up to the snowy northeast to visit my grandparents. I missed two days of school and I can honestly say not once did I check my emails or look at canvas. Of course the day I got back was a nightmare, but it was worth it.

As a high school student, one can often get tied up in grades and homework rather than what’s really important in life. School is important, but things like family are forever.

What are some reasons kids are missing school? Doctor appointments, family vacations, sick, or even missing school because you just need a day off. All of these are understandable reasons to miss school.

So once you’ve made the decision that missing school is appropriate, what’s the process? You are probably familiar with the notorious purple sheet that you have to get if you know you will be missing school. What’s the purpose? This form saves Mrs.Dowdy a lot of headaches. Having an excused absence sheet not only lets the front office know that you will be gone, but also it requires students to tell their teachers whereas without the sheet they might forget otherwise. It is important anytime you are going to be absent that not only you have your teachers sign the paper, but then follow up with a discussion about what you will be missing.

Luckily we have Canvas, where teachers are supposed to post a week’s worth of work on the calendar so that you know what you will be missing. If you do have to miss school, and the absence is in your control, you can pick what day would be the best to miss (great for appointments).

Yes, teachers are humans and make mistakes, and sometimes do not put every single thing that will be due that week. So talk to your teachers! Because again, they are human, and will understand if you are missing class and be accommodating.

So don’t stress. If you miss a day, you will be fine. But you won’t be fine if you keep rescheduling that doctor’s appointment for Algebra.