ODA Students Devoured 10,000 Girl Scout Cookies


Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

Girl Scout cookies are the latest craze at ODA. Nationally more than 200 million boxes are sold every year. The majority of ODA students are going crazy for them, and buying tons of boxes from junior, Kiarra Womack who is a Girl Scout.

There are twelve kinds of Girl Scout cookies, and they have been sold for nearly 100 years. The most popular cookies are Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Do-si-dos, according to the Girl Scouts website cookie page.

“My favorite cookies are Samosas. They have caramel and chocolate in them. I bought a box, and am buying my second box from Kiarra this week,” said junior Amad Brayboy.

“Thin Mints are my favorite Girl Scout cookie. It is the perfect balance of mint and chocolate. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of mint, and it doesn’t overpower the chocolate,” said senior Bianca Guidotti.

The Girl Scouts spend a lot of time making posters, and standing outside of stores to fundraise for the Girl Scout Organization. You might think nothing of this practice and simply just want to get your cookies. But the practice is not seen as a good thing by everyone.

Although everyone loves Girl Scout cookies some people are against the idea of it.

“I would like to see the young girl scouts spending more time in more enriching activities, and helping the community. Rather than sitting outside of a store for two hours, guilting people into buying cookies,” said Spanish teacher Senora Dooley.

Others criticize the nutritional impact of the cookies. Still others question where the bulk of profits end up. For scouts like Kiarra, however, the benefits are clear.

“Cookie sales is a way for the Girl Scout Organization to raise money for all the things we do, and provide different events for young girls. For example, girls can take trips abroad, learn different cultures, and earn badges. Different things we do are all funded by the cookie sales,” says Kiarra.

ODA is just one place that cookies are sold. People here go crazy for them buying tons of boxes, and eating them all in one sitting.

“I sold at least 650 boxes just at ODA,” added Kiarra.

Each box is four dollars, which means Kiarra raised about 2,600 dollars just at ODA. Her troop hopes to raise enough money this year to …

If you are curious where you can buy Girl Scout Cookies, talk to Kiarra Womack. You can also go to their website and type in your zip code to find somewhere near you to buy them.
Missed getting yours? It is not Girl Scout Cookie season anymore so you can no longer buy them until next year. Too bad for you.