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Amad Brayboy, Staff Writer

It was just a normal boring Saturday day at home, nothing to do. Kolbie Ward, Valentina Alvarez, and I were very bored and wanted something to do. One of them said “let’s go get some turtles.” You might wonder why getting turtles even came into our minds. Honestly, we just decided in the spur of the moment that we wanted to get some turtles; we wanted to feel responsible for something like a small pet.

You might also think it is unusual that two studs like me and Kolbie to have time for taking care of animals. Amazingly, we actually have a lot of time on our hands.

After finally getting to our destination (Petland on Fruitville). We rushed out of the car and ran as quickly as we could. We went straight to the back left side of Petland where we found the turtles. But when we got there, we were disappointed to see a sign that said “Turtles are not on sale due to educational work.”

So, we just walked around Petland looking at different animals to get. I saw this couple playing with a rat. We are like wow, they are playing with a rat. So we went over to the rat section.

Kolbie and I were scared to play with the rats because they had these really red demon eyes that looked very scary. But rats are not how people think they are. They are really fun and energetic little animals.

Right next to the rat section of Petland is the guinea pig holder. We went over there next. Kolbie used to have one. We had in our heads that we would get a guinea pig. Kolbie saw one he wanted and I saw one I wanted. We both started to play with the guinea pig we were going to get. But every time we touched them they would always run away.

Tina, on the other hand, was at the bunnies section. She called us over to play with them. But we did not listen. We were into getting a guinea pig. But later we went other to play with them. But still Kolbie and I still wanted a guinea pig.

But the guinea pigs still didn’t like to be touched. Finally, Kolbie and I left the guinea pigs and went back to the bunnies and played and picked them up.

Kolbie looked at me and said “ bro these bunnies are so relaxed” and I said “ bro, I know.”

At this point, we don’t know what to do.  So Kolbie calls his mom Ruby Ward and he said “ can we have bunnies?” and she says “wow, yes” Ruby Ward.

FullSizeRender-1“Smohkee has changed my life. He gave me something to look forward to  other than my family when I came home from school. He  also gives me a responsibility by feeding them, changing their cage, making sure they have water, etc. He makes me happy as well,” say Kolbie.

And I would have to agree. My little “Jacquees” is my first bunny ever. Everyday I look forward to see him and playing with him. He bring some much happiness when I get to see him and other people too.

You might have noticed the unusual names. Jacquees is named after my favorite r&b artist who goes by the same name. Kolbie just wanted his bunny to have a unique name, not something boring, so he created the unusual spelling.

“They’re the cutest little, fluffy balls of energy,” says Tina Alvarez.

So the time you think a cool jockey type doesn’t have a soft side, think differently because everyone has a soft spot for something and our perhaps to be animals.

Believe it or not, Kolbie and I are probably two of the most caring kids you could meet. We just really like animals. Want to know more? follow Smohkee and Jacquees on their Instagram page, SmohkeeandJacquees. They are going to be Instagram famous. Join us on our journey of cuteness.