What Really Happens After ODA


Virgene Linse

ODA journalists return home

For most students, the main goal of getting an ODA education is to get into college and do well there. But does the hard work that you put into high school really pay off? Despite a demanding curriculum at ODA, many soon-to-graduate seniors fear the unknown.

“I am mentally prepared because I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst,” says senior Bianca Guidotti.

The actual responses about the college experience differ.

“ODA prepared me very well for college with the excellent teachers and preparing. I got hit on by girls,” says Ben Edelman ’15.

Others feel that some of ODA’s policies ended up being detrimental to their preparation for college.

“ODA didn’t prepare me for college at all. I am used to having teachers that are like family, and the teachers at my college aren’t like that. I am used to being able to go up to a teacher and tell them my life problems. ¬†Also, ODA got rid of midterms and finals. When I got to college I have a midterm and a final per semester, and I wasn’t prepared at all because when I was at ODA, I didn’t learn how to study for them,” says Oliver Tannheiser ’15.

Besides academic preparation, being ready for the social experience and time management challenges can be an adjustment as well.

“College is like a petri dish. Everything happens ten times faster in college. Like relationships, getting sick, and making friends,” says Tannheiser ’15.

2015 grad Kimmy Comito notes that playing lacrosse not only opened doors for college admissions, but it also gave her a social group and filled up a lot of the extra time suddenly available on a college schedule.

“College is mostly essays and sleep,” reflects Nick Pearce, a member of the class of 2015.

No matter what you might be doing to get ready for the transition to college, most alumni would agree it is important to finish senior year strong.

“Why would you want to finish weakly if you could finish strongly as a second semester senior?” says Tannheiser ’15.

Good luck everyone.