Banyan Ball Takes Root


You may be aware that this Saturday marks the school’s annual Banyan Ball. Banyan Ball is ODA’s main fundraising event that raises money for the school to develop and expand the school.

Anywhere from $250,000-$450,000 is raised through ticket sales and auctions that take place online before the event and live at the ball through paddle raises with a live auctioneer.

Each year, the event alternates between a formal black tie evening and more casual cocktail-type gathering. The event usually has a theme. Because this is the 90th anniversary of ODA, this year’s theme celebrates the origins of the school. It is a black tie event.

While the evening is designed as an event primarily for the parent community, every year some teachers attend. Ms. Giraud remembers her first Banyan Ball where she worked as a volunteer. The event was held inside an airplane hangar with the theme of the roaring twenties.Miss Mandel attended the year when the Banyan Ball theme was St. Patrick’s because the event fell on that holiday.

Everyone at the school appreciates the support for the school that is highlighted each year. Mr. Newhams and Ms. Barrett both shared that they are always thrilled to see the parent community so willing to donate to help support the school.

So good news: The event is sold out

Bad news: The event is sold out

Next week: Reflections on the event.