Hunting for Instagram Followers


Instagram official logo

With Instagram playing such a big role in the lives of students, it would only makes sense to use it as a method to deliver news. Without the length of an entire story, but still including important information, the ODA Bolt Instagram account has been put in place to report the noteworthy happenings around the school.

This account is student run by the Journalism class at ODA. The pictures the Bolt posts can be of students, guest speakers, special events, and more. Students that are included in pictures will be tagged, so students are aware if they have made the Instagram page. Please note that the Bolt account will not follow anyone back, so anything that students post will not be seen by the ODA Bolt account. There is no concern in regard to what students want to keep private from the eyes of the school.

So how do we get people interested in following the Bolt’s Instagram? Well, we have decided to make following our account a bit of a game. We are  about to launch a new and exciting way to get students involved and interested. Besides the usual news that the account will be posting, as an enticement to follow us, we will create a scavenger hunt of pictures.

There will be 1-2 pictures posted a week of random objects or places around the school. The first Instagram user to comment with the correct answer of what the object is or where the picture was taken will get a point. These points will be tallied, and by the end of the quarter, whoever has the most correct comments will receive a prize of $20 cash.

If you are interested, please follow the account, odabolt, on Instagram, and give it a shot. There is nothing to lose, and a possibility of $20 to gain!

Let your friends know about it, and best of luck in the scavenger hunt!