ODA Students Commit Random Acts of Kindness


Being kind to people is something that everyone should always strive to do. Many of us commit acts of kindness without even knowing, because it is just what we were raised to do. Last week however, committing acts of kindness was brought to our attention. Last week was “Random Acts of Kindness Week,” and the students of ODA were even more kind than usual.

Here are just a few acts of kindness that were committed by ODA students last week:

  • Freshman Augustin Gualtieri held the door to the library open while all of the seniors left their ICS class!
  • A senior took a plate, that wasn’t theres, back to the commons from the Arts Building at the end of the day!
  • Senior Joie Eckhard bought her friend a Christmas tree candle. Her friend is allergic to Christmas trees, but Eckhard wanted her friend to still be able to enjoy the amazing Christmas tree smell!

When asked how she felt about the “Random Acts of Kindness” week, senior Christine Turner said, “It’s great seeing ODA students commit acts of kindness without ever having to be asked.”

The “Random Acts of Kindness Week” just emphasized how important it is to be kind to people. Just because the week is over, that does not mean that people shouldn’t still be kind to others. Committing random acts of kindness may not always be recognized publicly, but the person you are being kind to, or the act that you commit is always appreciated and shows your true character to others.