What Makes a Good Class?


At the Out-of-Door Academy word has been spreading that the current junior class of 2015 is the most “well liked” class of the year. Why is this? What makes them so different?  What makes a particular group of students well-liked?

“A good class is a class that works well together, leaves nobody out, overcomes adversity and has respect for one another,” said mathematics teacher, Aimee Murphy.

Another quality often cited in strong classes is their ability to be unified as a group. The junior class has strong chemistry and mostly gets along with each other. They have been called the “most spirited” class; always showing up at games and events.

Jake Romine, Junior, said, “I think the truth is we just understand each other: our weaknesses, our strengths and our flaws. Depending on what events we participate in, we use the strongest one of us with that ability to do that event. We don’t argue with one another.”

“As for in the classroom, most of us are hard working independent students who respect the faculty and staff,” continues Jake.

Señora Dooley, Spanish teacher, said, “I have never seen a junior fight with one another, never heard any gossip, and not once have I heard of a problem between classmates.”

All the keys to being a good class lie within you and it’s your chance to step up now and show what you got! Show you can be the best class!