Sybarite 5 Transforms Assembly

Could you imagine listening to Radiohead and Led Zeppelin while relaxing in the bleachers of the Thunderdome? Hearing the creepy crawling noises of the song “Black Bend” written by Dan Visconti played by a lovely quintet is not something that everyone gets to do everyday. ODA students were able to so all of this on Monday, May 5.

ODA Upper School students were delighted to listen to unique pieces by a quintet called Syberite 5. Sybarite 5 is a string quintet that plays music that is both composed for them personally, and songs that they cover in their unique style. They play music ranging from classic rock like Led Zeppelin to the unique sounds of Dan Visconti.

Watching the group play can be as entertaining as hearing them, reflected some students in the audience.

“I love how they communicated with each other while they were performing,” says Junior Rachel Rodgers as she elaborated about the group’s shared looks and gestures during the performance.

Junior, Taylor Albano said, “It was very unique to watch all the different ways you can play an instrument.”

“My favorite song was Black Blend because it reminded me of a scary movie,” continued Albano.

Most of the students were impressed by the ways that the quintet was able to make sound that you wouldn’t expect to hear on a string instrument.

In the song Black Bend by Dan Visconti, all of the performers used their instruments in ways that would not be expected. For example, the cellist played with the wooden side of the bow rather that the horse hair side. This created more of a scratching sound that transported the audience to a creepy dark forest.

So, the next time your parents tell you that they are taking you to a performance to see a string quintet play, do not moan and groan about it.

You never know what kind of cool surprises a string quartet may throw your way.