Seldis Shakes ODA

Seldis Shakes ODA

Three years ago, disaster struck Japan in the form of a massive earthquake which then was followed by a huge tsunami.

Mr. Seldis, head of upper school and new to ODA this year, told a dramatic story of his first hand experience during the disaster. Before joining the ODA family, Seldis was teaching in Yokohama, Japan. Yokohama is located just outside Tokyo. The weather is the “worst of both worlds” with extreme heat in the summer but then cold during the winter.

Mr. Seldis describe these events as the start to a another normal day. “I can still remember every detail in my head,” Seldis told upper schoolers. He described the force that the earthquake offered, throwing people from their feet and tossing books and desks around the room.

Mark Sulimurski and Cameron Graham said,  “It was inspiring, eye opening, gave a different perspective on life.”

Mr. Seldis told a story about a young middle school boy who was on his way when the earthquake struck. He got off the subway and made it all the way back to the school which was around a five mile hike.

Trenton Radigan said “I really felt intrigued about the topic. It was a sensitive story but gave me an eye opening experience.”

Mr. Seldis gave the students of ODA one thing to remember from this story: “Life is short- so grab it by the horns and be proactive. Live life and love life.”