Megan Wiles Joins the Americans

Megan Wiles Joins the Americans

Megan Wiles was born in North Carolina. At the age of nine months, she moved to England.

After adjusting to the cold, gloomy weather and the horrible blue uniforms, Megan attended Nottingham Girls High School. She says that going to an all girls school was a lot of fun, but caused a lot of drama between her classmates.

She moved to Sarasota a few years ago for a better education and life. Megan wanted to become more involved with sports and take more rigorous courses.

“When I first moved to America, my family and I went out for breakfast and I saw a biscuit on the menu. I thought they were offering cookies for breakfast because in England a cookie is like a biscuit,” says Megan.

Megan says she likes England more than America because she grew up there, however she likes the school system here and she enjoys participating in various sports. She does high jump, long jump, hockey, swimming, and track.

Her favorite class in school is drawing or art. She enjoys drawing animals the most, however, she is incredibly talented at drawing anything.

If you see Megan around campus, ask her more about her past…she is the 5’10” girl with an English accent. Though, she considers herself more American than English because she has been here for so long.

You may notice the picture along with the article is a map of England, that is because Megan doesn’t like to have her picture taken.