Confessions of a Teenage Addict: The Pinterest Story


I’m sitting in Journalism class, listening to Ms. Giraud urge us to start our stories, and all I can think about is Pinterest. Ms.Giraud had already approved my ideas for an article on Pinterest, and now I am procrastinating writing by scrolling…you guessed it, Pinterest.

It is becoming a true addiction. Not to make light of a serious problem, but I think I actually need a 12 step program. My addiction to Pinterest started when I saw that my favorite t.v. show and movie had fan boards on it. So I started my own. As soon as I made those boards, I never looked back. I should have known starting a collection of my favorite pictures from my favorite shows and movies would start something that now seems so unhealthy.

For those unaware of the phenomena that started this teenager’s descent into addiction, Pinterest is a website that enables users to create bulletin boards of images and links.

Most boards are organized by theme and can range from food, fashion, movies, quotes to everything in between. Not to stereotype, but many girls, including myself, love to add to their love and wedding boards, even if they’re not necessarily gooey romantics, like myself.  Also the few guys I have found on Pinterest mostly prefer to add more to the sport and humor boards. Whichever genres for boards that you enjoy adding to, Pinterest the black hole that supplies the substance to feed your addiction.

“I have no idea how Pinterest works however my Grandma is obsessed with it,” said junior Sarah Karp.

“Pinterest is so amazing, because it teaches you how to find your own true style. Pinterest is an outlet for expression that helps you translate the loves in your heart onto a board. Each of my boards are like a little piece of my heart,” expressed junior Olivia White.

So if you a reading this thinking, “Wow that sounds like fun, I should go make a Pinterest,” DON’T. It will undoubtedly take all of your time, and cause you to obsess over everything and organize everything you love into different boards. Only kidding of course, but Pinterest is absolutely an outlet that causes you to really think internally about how you use your free time.

For me, the addiction is still running strong, but for many people Pinterest is simply something they enjoy to update in their free time. So I encourage you to carefully think about how well you are at time management and self control before you even think of logging into Pinterest.