Track Team Breaks New Heights

In the ODA Track Teams’ first two meets juniors, Madison Shaw and Reanna Gregory both broke school and personal records.

Shaw broke her personal record in the 100 meter hurdles the first track meet with a 16.3 In her second meet, she broke the school record with a 16.2 which also broke her personal record as well.

Shaw says, “I’ve been working really hard since summer and I’m glad all my hard work is paying off!”

Shaw hopes to set a personal record in her next track meet and hopefully break the school record once again.

Similarly, Reanna Gregory broke the Long Jump school record of a 14.9, made by ODA alumna, Rachel Cannon. Reanna jumped a 14.10 just breaking the record.

“It’s really exciting to know that I broke the school record,” Reanna said after finding out she broke the school record AND getting a PR.

Madison and Reanna both look forward to their upcoming meets. Don’t miss a track meet to encourage your ODA “track-letes” to victory.


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