A Gala Event, or Just Another Dance?


As spring rolls around the corner, all the chatter on campus seems to be about Prom. Girls begin to get nervous but also eager to make sure other girls don’t get the same prom dress as they do.

Most boys don’t really see Prom as something too special, unlike the girls. What’s the big deal? It’s only a dance. Well, to girls it’s almost a fantasy!

Some girls dream of their Prom night like they do of their wedding day or some special event that will occur in their life. Girls usually want Prom to be this “special night,” whereas from a boys perspective, we are dreading the dressy outfits.

Prom dresses have really come a long way in the past few years. Girls have moved away from the more traditional long fluffy dresses, to a “hotter” dress, as some may call them.  Many can say that fashion has changed as our generation has gotten older.

At ODA, the girls who are old enough to attend Prom have actually made a Facebook page to share their dress choices with one another. The school has a very low student count, so the girls want to make sure that another person is not wearing the same dress as them. The Facebook page was specifically meant so a girl could “call her dress” in advance so nobody else will take it.

Junior Nick Romano, said, “I don’t get why dresses are so wicked hard to find. It’s just a dress! Girls spend too much time finding a dress, because in reality the dress isn’t to impress the guy, it’s to show off to other girls.”

Sophomore, Cooper Newlin said, “I believe that Prom is a special part of your high school career. People enjoy dressing up fancy and for a very special night. Girls expect to be asked to Prom in a very creative way and spend months pick out a dress. Boys don’t really care about the whole dressing up part and just go alone with the flow.”

Jake Romine says that “Prom dresses are like lettuce and bananas to girls. Most girls can decide between the two, but there are some girls who can’t make their choice. In the end, a dress is just a dress. It shouldn’t be a competition between girls, but that’s the 21st century for ya.” While the comparison Romine makes may not be clear to everyone, his sentiments offer an example of how guys don’t really understand the point of the obsessions over prom, and the eagerness it bring to all girls.

Girls, however, have a whole different opinion about Prom….

Junior Reanna Gregory said, “With guys, they can wear the same tux and no one would notice, but if two girls wear the same dress it turns into People Magazine’s who wore it best.”

Another junior, Katie Lang, said, “I guess girls just want to have a dress all to themselves. No one wants to be copied!”

Junior Amy Cutmore said, “It’s just a dress. We only wear them once, so I don’t see why two people wearing the same one is such a big deal.”

Not all girls have the same opinion about Prom. Some don’t understand the obsession of dresses, just as many guys don’t. Most agree that Prom is a special event, but some people will just never understand the stress most girls go through over their prom dresses.

Stay tuned for a follow up story about the Prom outcomes!