A Close Match for the Books


The clash of distant schools and long known rivals have finally met! The Out-of-Door Thunder girl’s lacrosse faced off against the Saint Stephen’s Falcons for the first time last Thursday. Both teams, competing for a district win, battled and fought to secure their dominion. With all the blood, sweat and tears there can still only be one victor.

Last year the Thunder clobbered the Falcons with a solid score of 10-3. This year the Falcons were looking for that sweet taste of revenge. The Thunder was determined to not give them the satisfaction.

The girls record going into this game was 2-0. Their team chemistry was key to their past victories and with this weapon they felt confident going into the game against Saint Stephens. They were ready for a fight!

During the game it was clear that the Thunder was the better team. Still the game remained close with neither team gaining an edge. Score after score went by with neither team backing down.

The two teams, both blocking out exhaustion, fought as hard as they could all the way down to the last seconds.

After the 50 minutes of pure competition ended, the score… Thunder 9, Falcons 10.

It was a nail bitter with the falcons gaining the edge in the last couple of minutes. Indeed the Thunder was upset, but determined not to let this get them down.

“It’s time to bounce back and forget about this”, said Junior Kimmy Comito.

Taylor Albano, Junior, said, “We need to keep playing the game we know how to play and not let this discourage us.”

It was upsetting to see Thunder go down, but also exhilarating to see what will become of the next match between these rivals.

Support is key though. Come out, buy some popcorn, bring your friends, and support your girls!

Next match is home against Cardinal Mooney next Tuesday. You all should be there!