The Mystery Chair Sparks Conversation

The Mystery Chair Sparks Conversation

A group of 11th grade history students walked out of Mr. Sommer’s room this week to find a red chair sitting in the middle of the hallway. They were confused and wondered where it had come from. They then proceeded the play with the chair, finding that it moves in many different ways. It has wheels on the bottom, and the seat and desk attached both spin. What is the deal with this mysterious chair, why is it here, and do students like it?

The school is planning on building a new student center to be opened within the next couple of years, and this chair is a prototype for the seating in this new area. Mr. Sommers says that they chose this chair to fit the modern style of the new building. However, although many students have had fun experimenting with the chair, it might be more distracting than useful.

While many students like the new chair, others find it to distracting for a classroom setting.

“I really liked it, but then when I sat in it for a whole class, it was distracting. And I’m not a person who gets easily distracted in class,” says junior, Jordan Towsley.

So will the chair prove to be a success, or a disturbance? Vote on our poll and tell us your thoughts!

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