Final Visit With Easter Seals Enlightens Students


Imagine arriving to school, and realizing that you do not have to go to long literature, but instead, go on a field trip.

Sophomores, once again, met with their Easter Seals partners for their final visit. This time, they were told to get the correct spelling of their partner’s first and last names, a good picture, and the answers to any final questions. All this will be used when the ODA students begin to sculpt their final required project: “a gift of biography.”

The final project is something that the ODA students will make and give as a gift to their Easter Seals partner. The gift should represent the personality of the person and be original, handmade projects.

As sophomores prepared for the last visit, they thought of questions that would tie in to their final project in terms of its final appearance and accessorizing. The questions they asked ranged from “What is your favorite candy?” to “What is your favorite color?”

Teachers enjoyed seeing students in these last phases of the project.

“I am looking forward to seeing the individuality of each of the student’s project. Since this experience is new to me, I kind of wish that I had a partner to do the project with as well,” says literature teacher Mrs. Armor.

As students being the creation process of the project, lots of collaboration and problem solving will solve the struggles that they encounter. Perhaps their partner has trouble seeing…then a gift they could hear would seem right. Or if their partner can’t talk or hear, then a visual would seem to fit.

The final project will be delivered to the Easter Seals partners at their final visit at ODA. ODA students will be able to show their partners around the campus as well as share in the joy of the project.