Cram Time!


The most fun-filled week is finally upon us compiled with tons of test, quizzes and essays. It is the week before mid-winter break!

Out-of-Door students are rushing to finish their work as almost all have a test or assignment due in every class. What makes this week such an overload on material? Is it because of interims coming up or do the teachers just enjoy finishing off the week with a bang? The truth behind all this work is not as harsh as it seems. The teachers need to get as much work in as possible because they will be missing one whole week of classes. The jam up of assignments was not intended to be torture.

Kevin Grathwohl, senior, said, “I just wish we wouldn’t even have mid-winter break. The work overload is too brutal.”

Jake Romine, junior, said, “I enjoy winter break, but hate the week before.”

“I feel like I have no time to do anything,” said Jake.

Indeed the pre-break week is bad, but there are steps to prevent it from getting out of hand.

Step one: Don’t procrastinate

Step two: Evenly space out your schedule and determine where your free time is and what you need to get done in it.

Step three: Talk to a teacher, get help on material.

Step four: Don’t freak out, don’t let the stress get to you.

Step five: Enjoy yourself! Just remember after all your hard work you get a week off of school.

This is week does not have to be all about cramming. If you take the right approach you will be fine and have great week!

Don’t fall behind!