Are You Happy?


Maggie McGaharan

Regardless of how you’re feeling today, the Out-of-Door Academy is feeling happy. Doubt it? Just check out the dancing teachers and students smiling as they jump and shimmy on campus.  But it’s not just winter break that has us shakin’ it.  The Banyan Bash committee is currently in the works of making a promotional video to premiere at the annual auction. Using the 2013 huge hit “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, the video is capturing ODA happy in every direction. Whether the song depicts you dancing in the Black Box or tinkering with your robot in Mr. Shamp’s room, you’re happy at ODA.

On Tuesday, February 18th, the video crew filmed across campus from Mrs. Mandel dancing with her book cart to history teacher, Dr. Zitani happily kicking up her heels. Some students were able to make surprise solos including Charlotte Dixon ’16, Balia Bangora ’16, and Libby Grimond ’16.

In opportune shot, the video crew headed over to the Black Box where they were able to capture energetic dancers. Like the song says, it really felt like “a room without a roof.”

Julia Bellanger ’14 snapped her way down the stairs while Nikki LaSalla ’14 stepped and clapped across the Black Box floor. Maggie McGaharan ’15 brought out the oldies with Soulja Boy and the sprinkler.

So clap along ODA! The new ODA commercial will soon be out and will feature your classmates and teachers boogying to one of the most happy songs of the year at the happiest school!