Have an Idea for This Year’s Prom Theme?


In April of 2013, over 70 students and their dates arrived at The Lake Club for the year’s most formal social event: prom. They arrived with their faces concealed, wearing long dresses and penguin-like tuxedos. Last year’s prom theme was masquerade, and for many, it was an unforgettable night.  The decorations for prom are shaped by the decision about theme. Last year, the classy black and white balloons lining the entrance to the dance and the decorative masked cupcakes made the room feel like a far away land.

Everyone has heard of themed parties, ranging from casual costume parties to the more classic themes associated with  prom. Halloween is the most popular time of year for costume parties. In the early days of Halloween the Celts would dress up in terrifying costumes to scare away evil spirits. Since those days people have transitioned to more playful themes, like the one for last year’s dance, a masquerade. After winter break, the Spring Student Council and the Prom committee will be working hard to find a theme.

Details about the theme ideas have not been shared publically, however, because student council is in the midst of its transition to new leadership. Quinton Fitzgerald will be stepping down as School President to allow rising President Katie Lang to take the reins. Until the transition is made, all major decisions are on hold. Another reason that discussion about theme have been “on the downlow” is because traditionally the prom committee is made up of juniors who unveil the theme for seniors in the spring.

For juniors, agreeing on a theme can be challenging. Ranker.com lists some of the best Prom Theme ideas. The writer of the website, “Prom Queen,” states, ” Prom committee meetings can involve heated discussions about whether Under the Sea will make for a prettier decorating than Enchanted Garden.”

Have an idea for this year’s prom theme? Let us know on our ask.fm LINKED HERE Your submission will be anonymous. We really want your input to make this year’s Prom unforgettable.