Don’t Make Fun, Make Friends!

Dont Make Fun, Make Friends!

Last week in advisory period, all students watched footage, of bullying going on in Russia, and the harsh things bullies are doing nationally to victims. While all bulling occurs globally, the ODA community is spending a lot of time understanding and addressing people about the side effects of bullying locally.

The student body has come together, to watch a film called Bully produced by Cynthia Lowen and Lee Hirsch. The movie follows young teenagers on their middle school journeys. The stories in the film help society understand what kids who are bullied go through everyday. The film was made to raise awareness so society can come together to stop these bullies.

Not only is ODA focusing on bullying by watching the movie, but the school as a whole is collaborating on what we can do to stop bullying amongst our community, but mostly to learn how bullying situations can be stopped in society today.

Some students expressed how they felt about bullying here in our community:

Sophomore, Trenton Radigan said  “I feel like physical bullying isn’t a huge issue here at ODA, but there is sometimes a lot of cyber bullying, as well as specific (“friend groups”) that do exist here.” Radigan also said, “By raising awareness about bullying here at ODA, I think these side issues online will resolved.”

Senior, Kevin Grathwohl said ” There is not a lot of bullying here but when there is it doesn’t last very long. I think we all get along pretty well. I think we are raising awareness to see how we can help society outside of the ODA community, rather than an internal problem.”

So when your online and see bullying and or about to take part in it, think twice before you hit that “enter” button! You  might just make someone’s day, by standing up for one another, or by not even saying anything at all.

Make fun or make friends, your choice.