Student Council Elections: Vote Now!

Student Council Elections: Vote Now!

Student Council elections are approaching and it’s time to start thinking about who to vote for and why. Below is a list of everyone who is running.

President: Katie Lang (unopposed)

Vice President: Danielle Lombardo and Sierra Dickerson

Secretary: Monica Costa, Morgan Woods, Francisco Marcan-Santos, and Kiarra Womack

Treasurer: Amy Cutmore, Megan Jones, Tyler Wenger, and Alex Seftas

Social Coordinator: Reanna Gregory (unopposed)

Monday, February 17 candidates will be giving speeches to the juniors, sophomores, and freshman. Tuesday February 18 voting will take place during Advisory. Finally, the results will be announced on Friday, February 21.

Regardless of whether or not you have already made up your mind about how to vote, pay close attention to the speeches.We will be taking a poll on who gave the best speech the next week.