Sophomores Ravage Through Ringling

Sophomores Ravage Through Ringling

Communication is key to a successful relationship. Communication is part of life. So what if you are faced with the challenge of “communicating” with someone who can’t necessarily communicate.

As part of the 10th grade Biography Project experience, the sophomores traveled to Ringling Museum to go on a scavenger hunt with their Easter Seals parters, some of whom, had difficulty communicating. Each group was given a piece of paper with clues to answer the questions that relate to the paintings and exhibits. The task was to rush around the museum and fill out the sheet until you have gone to every section, then hand in the paper to Mrs. Giraud, one of the project coordinators.

This activity had never been done before. It was new to Ringling, ODA, and Easter Seals.

“I loved that none of us knew what to expect. It was new for all of us. There was a feeling that we were all in this together,” says literature teacher, Mrs. Armor.

Each pair of students had a different experience, some being better than others. It all depended on how your partner was feeling that day, and if they were into the assignment.

“I thought the experience was terrible. It was awkward because it was difficult to communicate with my partner. I felt like I was doing all the work,” says Peyton Vaughn

Mrs. Giraud, who came up with the idea of going to Ringling, suggests that Peyton’s response to the project was perfect.

“Difficulties in communication are part of the project. Challenges like these force the students to solve the problem while getting to know the individual,” says Mrs. Giraud.

“I enjoyed the experience,” says anonymous sophomore.

The students’ next meeting with their partners will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on class period. This time, they will be thinking about what they want to give them for their project and finishing up the interviewing process.

Good luck to the sophomores on their adventurous experience! We all can’t wait to see the outcome.