A Valentine’s Day For All



I’m sitting at my vanity putting on my finishing touch, Chanel Passion Red lipstick. I stand up to do the final check of my hair, outfit, and makeup in front of my full length mirror. I’m full of anticipation, waiting on the couch in the dress that my boyfriend picked out for me, and left on my bed with a note saying to be ready by 7.

Then I go to do one final check before he gets here, and I realize I’m still in high school. I do not live in New York City, I do not have a boyfriend, and I do not have a Valentine’s date for tonight. I am not going out for a romantic carriage ride through Central Park with my super hot boyfriend, but rather going to eat sushi and see Endless Love with a group of my girlfriends.

We at The Bolt are not the only ones with Valentine’s Day fantasies or crushes. We asked the student body to write anonymous letters to their crushes. We picked our favorite:

Dear Pizza,I wish to express my admiration towards you. The way you glow in the sunlight, you are the only thing missing on a rainy day. I know you may be crusty around the edges, or have a cheesy exterior, but that’s what makes me adore you. You’re not only in my stomach, but in my heart. <3

If you don’t have a bae* on valentines day, or simply are at a loss of ideas for what to do on this day of love, The Bolt has collectively gathered a selection of classic and popular movies and music to set the mood. We split the movies and music into categories so no matter what your relationship status, everyone can find something to love this Valentine’s Day. Below are galleries of different movies and playlists of music to suit anyone’s situation.


Think of that special one with our playlist for crushes. CLICK HERE.

Grab your valentine and listen to our playlist for couples. CLICK HERE.

Forget Valentine’s Day with our playlist for singles. CLICK HERE

*Bae- Before Anyone Else.