Four New Faces Visit ODA from China

If you only had a couple breaks from school a year what would you do during them? Five exchange students from Beijing High School Number Four decided that they would go back to school. You may think this is crazy but now they are in the United States attending our very own school.

Flying across the globe and experiencing a culture far different than theirs was very shocking for them. As they came to school on the first day, many of the students were surprised that teenagers could drive themselves to school in the morning. In China, they were used to taking a bus, walking, or being driven by their parents.

ODA students had nothing but positive impressions about their new classmates.

“They’re very fun and diverse people, ” says senior, Jansen Humphrey.
“They’re better than all of us in Calculus,” reflects senior Daniel Pivonka.
“They’re super polite, and I’m suprised at how many hard courses they take at home,” offers junior Johnny Delgado.
“Jeffrey is in my class. As we look at global issues it’s interesting to have their perspective on how the issues are addressed. He may be the only male but he has interesting opinions on what to do in places like Haiti,” says history teacher Mr. Sommers.

The five Chinese exchange students return to Beijing on Wednesday. Make sure to say goodbye.

Thanks for coming Cheyenne, Liz, Tina, Frank, and Jeffrey! We’ll miss you.