The Bolt Launches Thorcast


Even before internet and television, people would tell stories via radio stations. Today, there are many ways to access stories whether there in the form of print, video, or podcasting.

My interest in broadcast story telling began when I came into journalism class one day and told Ms. Giraud about this crazy thing that happened to my dad the week before. Ms. Giraud then suggested that I record my dad telling this story, and use it to launch a series of podcasting stories.

The process took a little longer than expected, but a lot was learned. First we had to figure out what kind of technology to use to record the podcast. Then we played around with changing voice types and adding music and effects. Finally we had to find a website to host the podcast for all to listen to. This was a learning experience for both Ms. Giraud and me.

We both decided that it would be amazing to hear the voices of the ODA community through internet podcasting. In recent years, radio story-telling has become popular through programs such as Story Corps and This American Life, shows hosted by NPR.  These radio shows interview people with amazing stories, as well as allow listeners to submit podcasts of personal stories or experiences. Now, The Bolt’s special program, The Thorcast, will be ODA’s version of these great websites/radio stations.

Starting Tuesday February 11, students, faculty, and parents will be able to record stories and have them posted as podcasts in the paper. Once a week, you can come to the conference room in the Commons to record your experiences and have them posted on The Bolt at the end of the week.

These stories can range from a time when you climbed Mt. Everest to how you met your best friend.

Parents, if you are also interested in recording a story for The Bolt, you can contact me via email at [email protected] to schedule a time to have your story recorded.

Come record your stories, and have your voices heard on The Bolt!