Get Ready for Student Council Elections!

Student Council elections are coming up. Expect ballots to be handed out in your advisory sometime soon, before break. This year’s representatives are encouraging anyone interested to run for office. Being on student council is a great way to get more involved with planning  school functions and activities, and a great way to get your voice and ideas heard to the student body and faculty.

The five offices students will run for are Social Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President. All high school students are eligible to run for Social Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer; rising juniors and seniors can run for Vice President, and only seniors are allowed to run to be President.

The following are the job descriptions for each of the offices:

President: Leads assemblies and student council meetings. Makes important decisions regarding school events, and is the representative voice of the student body.

Vice President: Fills in for the president if need be. Is also the go-to point person for projects that have been assigned in student council.

Treasurer: Keeps track of the funds and manages the student council budget.

Secretary: Takes notes during student council meetings and relays them during follow up meetings.

Social Coordinator:  Takes responsibility for planning important school events, such as Homecoming and Prom.

Student Council is a fun way to get involved with the school, and allows your voice to be heard. Go sign up to run for office!