Facial Hair February Commences at ODA


For the first time ever in ODA history, guys will be able to come to school with all the facial hair they want.

Senior Josh Simon has launched a new event at ODA called Facial Hair February. Simon explained that he got the idea from the Tampa Bay Lightning when they did a similar event. Simon wanted to bring this concept to ODA.

The Lightning had been doing it to raise money for prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer is a horrible disease, it is not deathly.

Simon wanted to raise money to help find a cure for a life threatening disease. He decided to donate the money raised to the American Cancer Society particularly to find a cure for testicular cancer. Those mainly effected by testicular cancer are between the ages of 15 and 31.

For the month of February, any Junior boys, Senior boys, or Faculty members can participate in Facial Hair February by donating $40. To raise additional money, people can sponsor an individual who is participating in the event.

All money must be turned in to Mrs. Dowdy at the front office by tomorrow morning before assembly. She will give you a ribbon pin when you turn in your money. The ribbon is to be worn on the collar of your shirt for the entire month.

You must report to assembly tomorrow morning cleanly shaved, and ready to participate. Then, the growing of facial hair commences. There is to be no shaving for the whole month, and you are to report back to school after mid-winter break cleanly shaved.

Hopefully this is the first of many Facial Hair Februarys to come. So, men, be sure to get your money in, and begin growing your facial hair!