Seniors are Beginning to Look into the World of Internships

(Left to right) RJ Jansen, Maria Massaro, Nikki LaSalla

(Left to right) RJ Jansen, Maria Massaro, Nikki LaSalla

One of the perks of being an Out-of-Door senior is getting the last month of school off. But seniors don’t get off that easy. They have to work. For the month of May, seniors will be stepping away from ODA soil and into the world of internships.

To get students started, in the week before midterms, Ms. Evan’s handed each of the seniors a blank note card. On the note card, they were asked to write down three areas of interest for possible internships. The note cards were then given to Mr. Mahler who can help to guide internship inquiries through ODA connections.

Although it’s a bit early to be thinking of an internship, some seniors have already begun researching and even finalizing on a place of work.

If you have ever been in an argument with RJ Jansen, you most surely won’t win. He has the makings of a great lawyer and a plan for how to get there. Although RJ works for his mom, who is a lawyer in Tampa, ODA has an internship policy that says a student cannot intern with a parent. Luckily, RJ’s mom has connections; she found RJ a possible internship with the Florida State Attorney. He doesn’t know for certain what he will be doing, but he is looking forward to it.

Maria Massaro’s love for art prompted her to work for her parents’ magazine. She hopes to get a position at the magazine after college. Maria was constrained by ODA’s internship policy as well, but as a result, a new opportunity emerged. Maria’s mom met someone on an airplane who works with animation. Their conversation led to Maria getting a potential internship in May.

Over the summer, Nikki LaSalla was handed an internship without even asking for it. Nikki, an avid actor and singer, has taken lessons from former drama teacher, Mark Lubas, for many years at Mark Lubas Voice and Stage Studio and will now be interning with him in May. Lubas has a built-in studio in his house where he is a theater and vocal coach.

“[The internship idea] was mutual,” she said. “I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet. Maybe I’ll organize his schedule, be an accountant, because he needs it, or help out with his students.”

Internships effectively ground ODA seniors and prepare them for future careers. Perhaps the internship parent policy promotes responsibility and the impracticality of working with your parents. The goal is to work a real job, at real work hours, in real situations.

Seniors still have three months to finalize on an internship, but there’s no harm in beginning to brainstorm now!