Happy Thanksgiving, ODA

Happy Thanksgiving, ODA

Many agree that one of the highlights of Turkey Bowl Day at ODA is the holiday reflections students and faculty share in assembly.

Thanksgiving is a day to spend time and relax with family. Every family has their own traditions, whether it’s cooking the turkey, or seeing family members. But Thanksgiving is not just all about the food.

As we talked about the holiday, we in the newsroom began to reflect on the many aspects of the holiday that we were looking forward to. As a special holiday edition to The Bolt, we thought we’d share:

Several journalists looked forward to time with family.

“This is the first Thanksgiving in eight years that I get to spend with my dad,” said junior Jordan Towsley.

Junior Sarah Karp shared, “This is the first Thanksgiving that nine of my family members are staying in one cabin and 23 of us are eating dinner together.”

Junior Carson Jungers offered, “This is my sister’s first year away at college and she’s coming home to cook with us.”

Bolt editor, Cassandra Ratzlaff, said, “I’m excited to spend this Thanksgiving with my mom and grandma.”

Others looked forward to holiday traditions.

Jimmy Kuebler shared another anticipated aspect of the day: “I’m excited to put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving.”

Junior Natalie Buffett told of a family game she looks forward to each year: “My family has a mini Olympics with the kids against adults. It’s really competitive; the losers get thrown in the pool.”

Ashley Munroe said, “I’m excited for the Ping Pong tournament my family has every year– it gets really competitive! My mom always wins.”

Junior Reanna Gregory shared her excitement about her family and their traditions: “I am thankful for the relationship my family has with Jesus–and Black Friday shopping!”

Junior Jake Romine offered, “I love watching football on Thanksgiving”

Mrs. Giraud shared her favorite thing about the day. “Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday for my family because we all love to cook. We make special meals all weekend from Wednesday to Sunday at my dad’s house in Chicago.”

No matter what your tradition, the Bolt wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends. You deserve a rest!