ODA Students Say Ciao to Italy

ODA Students Say Ciao to Italy

Imagine you are on a dream vacation, living amidst a completely different lifestyle and culture. A place where you drive by the Coliseum, wishfully throw pennies into the Trevi fountain, and eat the best slices of pizza you have ever tasted. This is Rome, and if you have ever wanted the opportunity to visit such a beautiful, historical place look no further; ODA will be offering this trip-of-a-lifetime this coming spring.

This year for the first time, ODA has renewed its relationship with EF tours, an esteemed service of international education and student travel. EF holds schools and offices in more than 50 countries, and ODA has decided to offer a tour to their students that will cover Rome, Florence, and Pompeii.

These educational tours not only allow students to see the sights, but to become actively engaged in the cultures of other countries. ODA students will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of Italian culture in an exciting way, such as learning the techniques of ancient gladiators or experiencing Italian cuisine in a cooking class. Amidst the full cultural immersion, students will also study important aspects of Italian history. Not only is this tour an amazing opportunity for students to travel abroad with friends, it is also fairly reasonable.

While these tours can seem quite pricey (this one in particular is $4,000) nearly everything is included: the round trip airfare, the hotel and food expenses, a full-time tour director, and a motor coach. The ODA students will be given unique opportunities that they could never find anywhere else, and experience the trip of a lifetime.

The EF tour to Italy is an amazing opportunity for our students, and an experience they can be guaranteed to never forget. If you want to find out more about this trip, contact Ms. Zitani or Mr. Lebras. Don’t miss out!