A Countdown to No War

A Countdown to No War

If your own brother was taken away from you, what would you do? This question was proposed by Immie, a Ugandan refugee and volunteer with Invisible Children, an activist group dedicated to ending a 30 year war in Uganda. The group visited the Out-of-Door Academy as part of the Southeast Invisible Children Roadie team tour on Wednesday.

Joseph Kony and his insurgence army (The Lord’s Resistance Army aka the LRA) began originally as a rebellion against the Ugandan government. The movement has gotten out of control, however, and now the group is maintaining power by kidnapping child soldiers to expand their army. To bring this to an end, Invisible Children needs your help. Their international goal is to raise $3,000,000 by December for Come Home Fliers that include photos of former LRA members and instructions for surrendering safely, often with specific locations, Come Home Broadcastings that can only be effective with the building of new radio towers, and rehabilitation for the children in Josheph Kony’s army.

The ODA Invisible Children club is currently twelfth out of 351 Invisible Children fundraising teams across the country. In the words of Tyler, an Invisible Children volunteer (aka a roadie), “ODA is a legend in the office.” The group has raised over $5,000!

The Invisible Children roadies showed ODA “Tony,” a video  about the organization’s development.  Tony is a boy the founders met while in Uganda on their initial visit to the country. In the video, co-founder Laren Poole reminded his audience that “no matter where or who we are, we are all connected in some way.”

All day Wednesday, Invisible Children volunteers were selling handmade Ugandan products and shirts. Although, they are gone and on to the next venue, you can still buy them at invisiblechildren.com and help this cause. Immie explained during the assembly that one line of bags each has the fingerprint of the maker and the date it was made. By purchasing a bag, you can talk to the maker directly through message board.

The LRA has taken tens of thousands of lives, but there are still hundreds of child soldiers in Kony’s army. “No child knows if they will live today or die tomorrow,” Immie said. Invisible Children is fighting for no kidnapping, no killing, and no war.

Join the mission at invisiblechildren.com through Invisible Children ODA. ODA’s goal is $10,000 and we are only half way there. We need your help.