Bouncing into Another Year of Dodgeball Hijinx

To kick off the year, ODA’s student council is taking the annual Dodgeball Night at ODA to a whole new level. This year, Dodgeball Night will not carry on the tradition of being held in the gym, but will be held instead at newly opened Jump N’ Fun Sports, a local trampoline recreation center.

Students will be able to compete in the highly anticipated tournament on a trampoline court, or have the option of just coming to jump. The deal is great with a reduced price of just $10.00!

The event will take place on Saturday September 28th and will run from 8:00-10:00pm. All team sign-up sheets will be due to Coach Brewer by Thursday September 26. Start making your teams!

Make sure to have your parents fill out the waiver online if you have never been to Jump and Fun before. Also don’t forget your $10!

This will be a Thunder Cup event, so come play and win points for your grade!

Sign online waiver here:

Jump N’ Fun Sports Waiver.