ODA Students Take Summertime to Tour Colleges


Rising Senior and Sophomore Jansen Humphrey and Todd Humphrey visit the University of New Hampshire.

It is that time of year again, time for ODA High Schoolers to take summer college tours and visits. Anyone new to the college application process might not be entirely sure of what this entails; however, the upperclassmen at the Out-of-Door Academy know this process by heart. For all of you rising freshmen and sophomores, this concept probably seems foreign and a little scary. However, it’s easy, exciting, and something most students look forward to doing.

The college counselors at ODA, Mr. Runge and newly appointed Mr. Harding, do everything possible to make our college application process smooth and easy. At ODA, college counseling begins in ninth grade. From the beginning of the process, counselors encourage students to take trips to visit colleges. The advice is mostly directed towards rising juniors and seniors, but it is never too early to start! The earlier you begin, the more quickly you will find out what kind of schools you like– an important part of the process.

College trips and tours are designed for one reason: for students to physically see a college of their choice, and what observe what life is like there. Though kids have their minds set on an ivy league or a similar prestigious university, most do not understand is that the most essential thing when picking a college is finding the best fit.

Seeing a college up close is something that cannot really be described. The first time is not only an exciting opportunity but it is also a motivator because it makes college seem so much closer. On college visits, high schoolers get to see students interacting in everyday college life, and begin to understand what life is like on campus. The most important part is that being on a college campus will really give you a feel for whether or not you fit in at that particular school.

“When you go on a college tour, the college is no longer hypothetical. You’re experiencing college life as opposed to learning about it from your counselor or from the school website,” says rising senior, Amanda Durfee. “The tours are lengthy, but necessary and fun.”

Underclassmen, don’t miss ouy on college tours! Sure they can seem stressful at first, but touring schools is the best way to narrow your college search. Thinking about college is one of the most important parts of anyone’s high school career because it offers a perspective on the future, something which that becomes more exciting each year. For anyone taking college tours this summer, remember: be open-minded, and have fun!