Teens for Jeans Breaks School Record


Gaby, Kevin, and Andrea pose for a quick photo before packing up all of the jeans and taking them to a homeless shelter.

Stephani Spindel, Editor-in-Chief

As featured in the Bolt last month, senior Gabriella Alvarez and her Teens for Jeans group continued their community outreach program collecting jeans for the homeless. The organization is a national campaign created by DoSomething.org in order to help homeless people around the nation.

Teens for Jeans was featured in Seventeen magazine’s February edition, helping raise awareness of the cause. When asked about this year’s results, Gabby Alvarez said that Teens for Jeans was thriving as an organization, having collected over 2.5 million jeans so far this year.

This year, the girls broke Out-of-Door’s record, gathering a total of 339 jeans in only a few weeks.

When asked about her reaction to the news, Gaby said, “I was almost going to cry! I was so happy. We collected more jeans this year than we did in the last two years combined.”

As a way of promoting her campaign, Gaby created a competition among the high school grades. The winner this year will receive Thunder Cup points.

As announced at morning assembly, this year’s competition was very close, sophomores beat the seniors by only five pairs of jeans. Juniors came in third place, and freshmen came in last.

Because the school beat Gaby’s goal to gather 200 pairs of jeans, administration has decided to grant the entire upper school with a “Jeans Day.” Allowing students to wear blue jeans this Friday, February 15th, instead of school code bottoms.

Gaby says she has high hopes for junior Sarah Gregory who will continue the project next year.