New Student Council Waved In

Stephani Spindel, Editor

Last Friday the new student council office election results were announced. Zachary Lang won Student Body President; Cheyenne Kerekes is the new Vice President; Gabby Costa was voted  Secretary; Natalie Chait is the new Treasurer, and lastly, Gabby Maraia was voted as Social Coordinator.

Zachary Lang thanks his fans for their votes saying he is excited to accept the responsibilities that come with being Student Body President.

Mr. Brewer, an advisor to ODA’s Student Council, notes that these guys have big shoes to fill!

Because the seniors have an open campus and are not expected to be at school for the last three weeks of classes, the new Student Council officers will be hosting the morning assemblies from now on.

Congratulations to the new Student Council officers. The Bolt staff wishes you the best of luck!