What Not to Do When You Go to a Foreign Country


“This all happened when I was about like three and my family when I went to Italy for my mom’s best friends wedding. One day while we were on the trip my mom and her friend decided to go to the spa so my dad decided to take me and my siblings into the city. So my dad is notorious for wrecking every single rental car we have ever used, so of course, he had to wreck the one in Italy too. If you’ve ever been to Italy, the streets get narrower and narrower as you go farther into the city and my dad decided to try and fit a twelve seat rental van through those streets. We actually ended up getting stuck between two walls of buildings. But, the┬áday doesn’t stop there, as an American child I was not aware of how European bathrooms work. There are these self-cleaning bathrooms that start a cleaning cycle right after someone finishes using it. I was super little and didn’t know that, so I ran into one of those bathrooms just as someone finished using it. The doors locked shut, and the cleaning cycle began. So I got stuck in the cleaning cycle for about 5 minutes. After all of that, we realized that I had my shoes on backward the entire day, because of my dad. Overall, the trip was fun but my dad did mess up a lot. “