Snitches Get Stitches


This is the story of when I was wrongfully suspended from kindergarten. During this time my best friend Angelina and I were playing a game we made up called “Super Kitties.” We would always play our game at recess. It was more of a game where it would just be me and Angie playing. Whenever someone else tried to play we would obviously yell at them and not include them. Why would we do that?

One day Angie and I discovered the importance of cooties. Cooties during this time were obviously a really big deal. They were just really gross, right? One time there was a bunch of guys coming up to me and Angie while we were playing our Super Kitties. The boys were trying to play with us to get back at them. We would chase after them and try to kiss them. So Angie and I would both do this but then one day I come to school and everything was fine. But my favorite teacher, Ms.Petrozzi, came over, got my bag, brought me to the head of the school. As we were walking over there, I was crying. I asked her if I was in trouble.

She said, “no, sweetie you’re fine. Well turns out she was a snake. We go into the office and I am told how I am very inappropriate chasing after boys and trying to kiss them. And of course, I was like are you kidding me? This was all Angelina. Why is she not in trouble? They said this isn’t about Angie. This is about you.

This had an impact on my life because it forced me to beat Angelina at everything. This impacted me because it taught me that honesty is the best policy and most importantly, snitches get stitches.