Mrs. Davis


Christian Ramos, Staff Writer

My room is open all the time because I believe that learning happens all the time. I think that we do things better when we are comfortable. I don’t teach English; I teach students. I have them read a bit before I introduce the text so I don’t taint their view on the piece. When I introduce a new work of literature, it’s really exciting. It’s like introducing one friend to another friend, and they suddenly click. To me, literature is sort of like that. It impacts one’s life like people do. When a student finds meaning in one of those texts, it’s the greatest reward. I love it when students get mad at a text, because it means they care. The coursework is important, but what really matters to me are the people, so I want to create an environment that is inviting on all levels. It’s okay to be a little weird or silly, and it’s good that students know it’s okay to be a little weird. Not having children of my own, my students become like my children. I carry them with me in my head and my heart every day, long beyond when I teach them.