Sydney Sforzo: Double Trouble


Grace Dunn, Staff Writer

“Last year when I was in eighth grade I played on the varsity tennis team. I played doubles with Balia Banguria, who was a senior. She played division one tennis, and is now at the University of Nebraska. She was a really good role model for me throughout the season. We played together in every single match, and we created a very good friendship. We had an undefeated season together.

Then, post season we ended up winning districts and regionals as a team, and we went off to states. Balia won districts individually at the number one spot for singles, so she also went to states. The tournament was in Orlando for a weekend. We ended up winning states. We won four matches in the tournament.

I was the youngest on the court out of three seniors. This was really intimidating for me as an eighth grader. I was really lucky to have such a good partner because Balia really encouraged me throughout the match, and before it getting me excited to play. I ended up playing one of the best matches I have ever played. The match was so close. We won 10-8 in the tiebreaker.

I was really thankful to have Balia there because she was always helping me out. This was a really good opportunity for me, as I was so young. It really helped me improve my tennis and it gave me a confidence boost going into tennis outside of school.”