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“Throughout my high school years, I have taken on commitments that require a lot of time, responsibility, and balance. My first priority is school and maintaining good grades. Sometimes this can be difficult to achieve with such a time consuming schedule. Juggling track, club soccer, my job, school, and making time for my family and friends can often be overwhelming. Everyday after a long day of school I go to track practice from 4:00 till 5:30, and then I have to go straight to club soccer. On a school night I don’t get home till about 9:45, and I still have my homework to do. On the weekends I work at Kona Grill, but during club season it is hard to be consistent with my job because of tournaments. While this may all seem like an immense amount of commitment, the overwhelming support from my family, friends, and coaches motivates me to find balance to maintain success within all of my extracurricular activities.”