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“I have been aspiring to play college football for such a long time now, and I have put a huge amount of work on and off the field to make this vision a reality. It’s very rewarding to finally see all this work materialize into a legitimate shot at playing at the next level.”

“Right now I’m trying to figure out health wise (long term and short term) if it’s the right move for me to play football. But assuming that I would be playing, I’ve got to contact coaches, wait for them to get back, and then speak with them about their program, expectations, system, freshman expectations, etc. Then generally you speak with the coach about a potential visit and if things pan out with the visit, I would end up visiting the school and getting a better feel for the program, coaches and system. Then, hopefully I’d hear back from the school and hopefully it is a letter of admission. After that, since all of the schools I’m looking at are smaller liberal arts schools, I have to figure out if they have what I am interested in studying. If they do, then I will consider the school more thoroughly. If everything pans out with football, what I’m studying, and financially, then it becomes very likely that I will go to that school.”