Hunter Bogumil


Alex DiMare, Staff Writer

“My grandpa uses to come to all my baseball games and watch me play no matter where the game was. He’d always tell me before every game to hit a home run and I’d just nod, but I never did because I was always the smallest on the team, height and weight wise. One day at school I got a note from the office that my mom was there to pick me up and I was excited because it meant I got to go home early, but when I got there my mom wasn’t looking too happy. I just sort of ignored it and got in the car. Me and my sister started wondering why she was so sad so we asked her. She said we are going to see your grandpa. When we got there I noticed my mom was crying when she saw grandpa on the couch. As it turns out he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, but no one ever told me and my sister. My mom spent the night with grandpa that night because he wasn’t doing so well. Later that night, he passed away. The next morning my mom came home and broke the news to us. The next night I had a game in Plant City and the very first at bat of the game I hit a home run. When I was rounding the bases I noticed my mom in the stands crying and my dad really proud of me.”