Anthony Varga: Dream Driving


Maria Ross, Staff Writer

“So it was Thursday afternoon after school and I was going to the front office when I spotted this black Lamborghini [Gallardo convertible]. Me being the car nerd that I am, I stopped to admire the car and the interior and was telling Clarence everything I knew about it.

All of a sudden, this man, who I have never seen before, comes around the corner and says, ‘Hey, you want to drive it? Drive it,’ throws me the keys, and walks away. I caught the keys, but I didn’t know what to do with myself, I just stood there in utter disbelief because that kind of stuff only happens in movies.

A crowd starts to gather because the people who were around just witnessed this, and as I’m looking at everyone around me, they’re all saying ‘Get in the car’ so I get in the car. I spend about five minutes trying to get it out of neutral because the transmission is behind the wheel, and I knew it was there from knowledge about sports car, I just didn’t know how to work it. I was hitting all the paddles [paddle shifters] I could, the windshield wipers were going off, it was spraying water everywhere. I was looking like a complete idiot and everyone was just laughing at me.

The man comes back and I am still sitting in his car, that has not moved, and I am so scared he’s going to kick me out. He comes over to me and he helps me get it out of neutral, clicks a couple buttons, puts in in sports mode, tells me, ‘Alright go, and go slow over the speed bumps.’

So I went two miles around school because I didn’t want to do anything to upset this man. As I’m driving around school I hear him yelling from behind, ‘Go Faster.’ I get on Deer Drive, hit that stupid light and I’m shaking from the pure adrenaline. The light turns green. I get on University, and I floor it all the way down to the next light, turn around, and floor it all the way back– Never looked at how fast I was going. I just know I floored it.

The nature of how it all happened… it’s a memory I will never forget.”