ODA Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

ODA Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Senja Levy October 21, 2021

The Fight Like Britt Foundation was started by Brittney Burns in 2015 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Brittney was an All-American swimmer in high school and became a Division 1 Rower at Clemson...

How Teachers Feel About Virtual School

How Teachers Feel About Virtual School

Madeline Kwan, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 30, 2020

These past few months, teachers have learned a whole new way of teaching. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have had to adjust their curriculum and teaching styles and adapt to continuously changing...

When Theres a Will, Theres a Way

When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Andrew Chiritescu, Contributing Writer May 10, 2019

Did you know that most Saturday mornings our school’s tennis courts are bustling with people,  cheers, and many laughs? I didn’t know either, until several years ago when my older brother started...

Frankfurt Subway. A great delay before heading to Helsinki.

Ever Heard of a Summit trip?

Hannah Bizick, Staff Writer January 31, 2019

You may have heard Ms. Giraud pitch any of a number of trips available for ODA students, but her EF Summit trips are some of the best ones offered. Take it from me, someone who just came back from one...

Upperclassmen Offer Advice to Freshman

Lucy LaCivita, Staff Writer January 27, 2019

High school is a long journey and can be approached in countless ways. As an incoming freshman, it can frustrating trying to figure out what high school path is suitable for you. Sports? Arts? SAT? GPA?...

Chinese Exchange visitors pose near the banyan on the Lower Campus with ambassador, Bobby.

Exchange Students Share Stories and Explore ODA

January 17, 2019

Perhaps you noticed that the exchange students were off campus on Pre-ACT Wednesday. Don't worry. They were busy doing important work. Lower Campus students greeting the exchange travelers with hula hoops,...

Dedicated tennis athletes: Jakub Svoboda; Connor Krug; coach: Paul Von Saman; Colin OCallaghan; Josh Samuel; Andrew Chiritescu; Kieran Killigrew; Quinn Isaac; Jake Krug

Offseason Athletes Commit to the Games

Andrew Chiritescu, Contributing Writer December 21, 2018

 Offseason athletes work behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming winter and spring sports, as well as upcoming season fall and winter sports, when their sport is played. If we had to describe them...

You know youre ready for break when your hair looks like an octopus. Harrison Koffman 20

Students Anticipate Time Away….

Grace Dunn and Hannah Bizick December 20, 2018


Student Journalists Open Editorials

Student Journalists Open Editorials

Advanced Composition student, Natalie Gorji '20, visited Journalism students to discuss the editorial writing and invite Bolt staffers into a spirited debate on a variety of student issues and concerns....

Small School Showcases Big Talent

Small School Showcases Big Talent

Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer May 3, 2017

Paintings, pictures, music, and so much more! Saturday, April 29th was ODA’s middle and upper school Arts Day.  Arts Day is the day that ODA student artists and musicians showcase their work. All semester...

Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund Keeps Knocking it out of the Park

Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund Keeps Knocking it out of the Park

Alex DiMare, Staff Writer March 24, 2017

The baseball season is in full swing which means the Out-of-Door Academy’s annual baseball tournament, The Emmons Classic, is right around the corner. This year will be the third annual event sponsored...

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