Music Department Prepares for Winter Concert

Samantha Malcolm, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2020

The Winter Concert is fast approaching! This Saturday, on December 5th, the Music Department will be hosting the first concert of the academic year, featuring the Upper School Orchestra, Advanced Chamber...

ODA Quarantine Concert 2020: Chorus Soloists

Madison Wandall
Madeline Kwan, Co-Editor-in-Chief August 20, 2020

Due to Covid-19, Arts Day was canceled this year. Arts Day is when students show off their musical and artistic talents. Even though Arts Day was canceled, many incredible singers still wished to perform!...

Biedermann Pushes Pins and Pictures

Biedermann Pushes Pins and Pictures
Grace Dunn, Staff Writer January 24, 2019

Numerous photos adorn the walls of the Arts Center. Just ask art teacher, Mr. Biederman, who claims to have pushed 1000 thumbtacks into the display walls. Mr. Biederman hopes to showcase, "students...

Small School Showcases Big Talent

Small School Showcases Big Talent
Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer May 3, 2017

Paintings, pictures, music, and so much more! Saturday, April 29th was ODA’s middle and upper school Arts Day.  Arts Day is the day that ODA student artists and musicians showcase their work. All semester...

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!
Grace Dunn, Staff Writer March 17, 2017

I have been dancing since I was six years old. It quickly changed from an after school hobby to a full-time, competitive sport. At my dance studios' national talent competition this past year, we were...

Being Judged on Purpose

Simone Timol, Sabine Timol, Mackenzie Grace, Kinsey Newhams, Olivia Knego, Rashona Banks, Haley Carney
Grace Dunn, Staff Writer March 3, 2017

Imagine being on stage surrounded by blindingly bright lights. You look out into a huge crowd with all eyes on you. This is the moment that you have been waiting for. This is the same moment that students...

Playing For The Win

Playing For The Win
Grace Dunn, Staff Writer January 28, 2017

“I was standing backstage before the performance clutching my violin and my bow. Little did I know that when I walked out from behind the curtain, I would see so many shadowed faces staring at me, and...

Singing Across Languages

Singing Across Languages
Tyler Barlow, Staff Writer January 18, 2017

Over the past couple years the chorus department has been performing songs in a variety of different languages. From Swahili to French, the chorus students have been exploring different cultures through...

Fenker Facilitates Films

Peter Cornetet, Staff Writer October 25, 2016

If you ever have wanted to have a meaningful discussion about any film you watch, no matter how obscure it is, seek out Jack Fenker and he will have most likely seen it. Ask him about the obscure Scott...

Music Is Paradise

Music Is Paradise
Amad Brayboy, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

For many people music is an escape. Some people listen to music because they just like it and others may listen to it because they are going through a hard time. Also some people listen to music depending...

Mixtape? What, Andrew Berg?!

Mixtape? What, Andrew Berg?!
Amad Brayboy, Staff Writer May 5, 2016

It was June 11th, a hot summer day.  It was about 92 degrees outside.  I was hanging out with ODA junior Kolbie Ward, his older brother Dominique, his middle sister Tiara, and Gerald, a family friend....

“Movie Night” Moves Many Musically

Maria Ross, Staff Writer February 20, 2016

For some, making time to get back on campus on a Tuesday night for an orchestra performance might not seem worthwhile. Let me assure you, however, it's worth it! On Tuesday February 16, the String Orchestra...

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