District Runner-Ups

Tyler Barlow, Staff Writer

The ODA volleyball girls departed school with high spirits, singing and dancing throughout the bus drive to SCS. These girls were ready to have fun and play some volleyball. They had no idea how tough this match would be.

October 20, 2016, at 7 p.m. the Out-of-Door Academy Varsity Volleyball team and the Sarasota Christian School Varsity Volleyball team battled for the title of District Champion.

This was not the first time the ODA and SCS volleyball teams had faced off this season. They had played twice before; the first time, they were defeated in a brutal four sets, with the scores of: 22-15 SCS, 16-25 SCS, 25-20 ODA, and 21-25 SCS. The second time the two teams met on the court, ODA was swiftly crushed in three sets with the scores of: 20-25 SCS, 24-26 SCS, and 22-25 SCS.

But that night, the girls sang and danced on the bus to “We are the Champions!” Little did they know that they actually would come close to beating their rivals. They brought on that bus sub sandwiches, a jam box, and some pretty good attitude.

The game started off with a serve from eighth grader Sophie Fedder, followed by a kill from junior Liberty Strafuss. Early on the game was neck-to-neck, one team would get a point or two, then the other team would get a point or two. Until it was 10-9 ODA, and freshman Bre Brown gets a kill taking the score to 11-9. After this kill, ODA quickly took a lead, scoring two more points before losing the ball to SCS. But they would not stand for that and quickly took the ball back; eventually the score was 15-13 ODA, and the girls were ready for the first set to end. After a flurry of aces and kills, the girls were 21-13.They quickly ended the first set with a score of 25-20; and they were proud. Every single girl was yelling and screaming and encouraging each other.

SCS started the second set with a serve and sophomore Kinsey Newhams quickly took the first point with a kill. As the set continued SCS slowly started to gain a lead; while the girls ran, dived, and hit with all they had the score had become 12-19 SCS. They could not stand for that, so they put all they had and more into the set. The ODA girls eventually won the set 25-22, after a barrage of aces, kills, and skill they not only closed the gap but they won the set.

In the third, fourth, and fifth sets the ODA girls gave their all; they fought with determination and enthusiasm. When watching the game you would see sophomore Mackenzie Condrack diving and sprinting across the court for every ball, and you would see senior Lacey Eaden running to set every ball.

Every girl played with all their strength, skill, and brains. If they weren’t on the court they were screaming from the bench. Do not be surprised if tomorrow the voices of all the volleyball girls and coaches are almost entirely gone.

If you were watching the game you were probably amazed by the sheer talent these girl exhibited. How freshman Bre Brown and eighth grader Sophie Fedder practically floated through the air before they slammed the ball down onto their opponents’ court. Sophomore Addie Mahler blocked the ball with a fierce determination, not allowing it to reach their side. On the off chance she was unable to block it, either senior Greta Holland, or senior Hailey Schlotthauer or sophomore Mackenzie Condrack were there to dive after the ball and send send back to senior Lacey Eaden. Who would give freshman Bre Brown, sophomore Kinsey Newhams, eighth grader Sophie Fedder, and junior Liberty Strafuss perfect sets to hit the ball into their rival’s court.

Unfortunately, SCS won the last three sets with the scores of: 18-25 SCS, 23-25 SCS, and 13-15 SCS.

When everything’s said and done, the score may not matter. Because in the end every single girl gave all she had and more. They played harder than they thought they could, and had more fun than they thought possible.
While the game was a loss the ODA Varsity Volleyball team walked away District Runner-Ups, and are pumped for Regionals on Wednesday, October 26.