Cross Country Team Parties on the Beach


The runners and coaches of the ODA Cross Country team play a heated game of volleyball on the beach.

Jack Malcolm , Staff Writer

After a very successful meet at Venice High School in which many runners, including all varsity boys runners, ran personal bests for the season; the Cross Country team met up again at 2:00 in the afternoon at Siesta Key beach for a mid-season party.

Runners slapped on sunscreen and headed out for an afternoon full of fun and team-bonding. The team played a beach volleyball game, in which Coach Taylor may have gotten a little too intense. Christopher Eckart nearly lost his Ray Ban sunglasses while diving into the water, the team was assaulted by a school of bait fish, and the group practiced telepathy during a game called Categories in the pool.

What did they learn? They learned that Kai Soderberg’s favorite Pokemon is Growlithe and that the runners all have a favorite type of grass.

This day of fun in the sun is another new tradition that Coach Jeff Taylor has introduced to ODA Cross Country to help the team bond.

“I am pleased so far with the progress of this team. They have truly formed the “family” of cross country and headed in the right direction,” says Taylor.

Coach Taylor’s mid-season party also gained positive reviews from runners. I loved the event because it was a great way to get together at a time when the group is usually separated by family activities.

“The mid-season party was a blast. A lot of the team came out to Siesta and we all bonded over a great volleyball game and food,” says Junior, Christopher Eckart.

The ODA Cross Country team is continuing to succeed on and off the course. Although running is difficult and painful we all believe that the sense of camaraderie that the team has makes up for all the wear and tear of the season.

Make sure to come out to any meets that you can as we really appreciate the support. Your cheering can help drive us to faster times!

North Port XC Invitational

  • Saturday, 09/24/16
  • North Port High School
  • 7:20 a.m.

District Meet

  • Thursday, 10/20/16
  • GT Bray Recreational Complex
  • 8:25 a.m.