What is your prediction on the NBA finals?

What is your prediction on the NBA finals?

Amad Brayboy, Staff Writer

For all the people that might get March Madness mixed up with  the NBA playoffs….Look at the end of your calendar. March Madness time is over. The time is here where every loose ball counts. People are getting angry. Everything gets 10 times more important.

Who do you have winning the NBA finals? You probably will say the Golden State Warriors because they beat the Bulls record of 72-10 from 1996. The Warriors set the record at 73-9. Everyone wants the Warriors to win because they won it last year. But many do not realize that it is hard to win back-to-back championship for any sport. A winning team’s opponent wants nothing more than to beat that team.

Another reason why you might say the Warriors will win  is because they have basketball wizard, Stephen Curry.

Some say that no one can stop Stephen Curry. He is a wizard when he has the the ball in his hands. Lately, Curry has been facing his biggest fear of call time. In game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs, he rolled his ankle. Because of the injury, he has missed games two and three.

Once his ankle heals, he’ll be back. The only team that knows how to beat him is the Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing in the finals last year the Cavs are on a mission to decimate anyone that stands in there way. That means if the Warriors are in the way they will destroy them.

The Cavs has a lot of strength on their team. They have a big three on their team. The big three that they have are Kyrie Irving , Lebron James, and Kevin Love. They all play different positions on the team. But all of them are important to the team.

You can’t miss Kyrie with his crazy ball handling skills. Who remembers when Kyrie made Brandon Knight fall in the 2013 rising star challenge.

Lebron James can bring a sheer celebrity to the game. You can not miss all the advertisements that Lebron James are in. One of the biggest commercials you can see Lebron James in is probably the power-beat two, when he had Ohio behind him.

Kevin Love is a tenacious re-bounder. Kevin Love is one of the best re-bounder on the Cavs. He averages 16 points and 10 rebounds per game.The way you might remember Kevin Love is in the chocolate milk commercial when he is going for a rebound.

Although you guys think that the Golden State Warriors. It will be hard to do a two peat.