Lacrosse Brotherhood Leads Team to Victory

Chloe Ruppert, Staff Writer

The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team is much different than your typical Out-of-Door team.

Not only does the team have an undefeated record this year, with impressive victories over Riverview and Cardinal Mooney, they are the closest they have ever been as a team.

“The game against Mooney was definitely our hardest game, and probably will be the hardest game we play. They’ve always been a rival team and Wednesday was the first time we have ever beat them,” explains sophomore Lucas Macleod. 

The boys’ abilities are not the only reason that they have been able to come together so well on the field.

“We work better as a team because we know what the other persons strengths are and what they feel comfortable with doing,”  Macleod adds.

The team, instead of relying on a certain person to carry them to victory, plays a much different game. Instead of thinking of it as a personal victory, the boys think of the victory for the entire team.

“We are good this year because we are playing unselfish lacrosse and everyone worked hard in the off season. The reason we play unselfish lacrosse is because we trust our good friends on the field and want everyone to succeed together,” says sophomore Ian Martin.

One of the coolest aspects of this team is that everyone is so close. The upperclassmen take the underclassmen under their wings, realizing the importance of being close as a whole, and how that closeness will result in greatness. Not only is the sport important, but the “Brotherhood” holds great importance as well.

“I think the lacrosse brotherhood directly relates with the team effort. We don’t have a really star player- we all just work together as a team and get the job done as one uniform group. I really do think we have the best team we’ve ever had as a whole. We’ve had better individual players before but we play the best together now,” explains Junior Mccabe Ballance.

When they’re off the field, at school you can find the team together during lunch watching game-tape, and on the weekends, all together at their team-bonding hangouts.

“Absolutely this is the closest we have ever been. Everyone is friends on our team. We have pre-game FIFA tournaments,” says sophomore Ian Martin.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of being close as a team is that you know you have a group of people who have your back no matter what.

“We are literally a family. The ups are so much better when everyone is so close and the downs aren’t as bad because everyone has each others back,” Martin adds.

Some may argue that a team can still be amazing just based on of talent. This may be true, but being able to function as a whole, and get along with your fellow teammates is an integral key to success. This is what makes ODA Varsity Lacrosse so special.

“There is nothing like kicking butt and celebrating together,” Martin concludes.